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And She Means Everything To Me by imaterribledrawer And She Means Everything To Me :iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 3 0 Matthieu by imaterribledrawer Matthieu :iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 2 0 Template by imaterribledrawer Template :iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 1 0 Sufin moirail by imaterribledrawer Sufin moirail :iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 10 11
Mature content
Humanity :iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 2 5
Without You
Tick, tock
Time continues passing
Thump, thump
Hearts continue beating
Drip, drip
Rain continues falling
So why don't I continue living?
:iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 5 14
Mature content
Star in a Cloudy Night ch. 1 :iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 1 12
Did you know
Did you know
Did you know
when you tell me to shut up
I feel like I should just disappear?
Did you know
when you say "What's wrong with you"
I ask myself the same question?
Did you know
that when you're "just kidding"
my heart breaks a little bit?
Did you know
when we talk, in the back of my mind
I fear that you'll take a joke too far?
Did you know
how I cover up these feelings with a smile
so as not to burden you with my problems?
Did you know
I'm an awful person for not being nicer
when you're going through so much struggle?
Did you know
I feel horrible for complaining
when you're fighting your own inner battle?
Did you know
the fact that you don't see how lucky you are
constantly annoys the heck out of me?
Did you know
your insensitivity ticks me off the most
even though I know you don't mean it?
Did you know
I wish I were more caring and empathetic
so I could pretend I don't have these thoughts?
No, you didn't.
:iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 9 13
CLAMP meme by imaterribledrawer CLAMP meme :iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 0 14
The Short Straw
The Short Straw
Why is life unfair?
Those who have the most depressing circumstances
Also have the worst luck
Why is life divided?
When one person is naturally less fortunate
The situation is made worse by those around them
Why does life pick favorites?
When all someone wants is the care of a mother
Another basks in the love they receive
Why did you pick the short straw?
It's hard to looks at the good things in life
When you are being smothered by those around you
If I could take away your depression, your sixteen known allergies, your illness, your bullies, your uncaring sister, your unfair mother... I would.
:iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 2 5
Lyric Melt- Abuse
Songs used: Proof of Life, Rin Kagamine + Run Joey Run, David Geddes
blended by imaterribledrawer
Your quavering, tearful windows to the soul hide nothing from me
As your being shrivels up before my very eyes
I’m advancing on insanity, so draw me back to reality with your ceaseless song
Because I need proof that I lived in the darkness before you came to me
Your blissful laughter is my world
Please speak to me, if you can
But now your decaying existence is burned into my heart
Your essence is entwined with mine
But now you’re haunted by this incessant nightmare
Whenever you close your once-shining orbs of light, I know you encounter him in your dreams
If you ever feel abandoned, don’t be afraid to shed a tear or two
Just know that I will always find you and cover you in my embrace
Even as your life trickles away in my arms
I’m yours, and I will be by your side eternally
I love you, we’ll be united forevermore
As you aimlessly float towards death
:iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 2 6
Phoenix tears can heal all illnesses
Dragon tears are great in potions
Unicorn tears cure all ailments
Crocodile tears manipulate the kind
My tears can't bring back the dead
My tears can't heal a broken heart
My tears can't ease the world's troubles
What good are my tears?
All they do is steal
Pitying looks I don't want
Sympathy I don't need
From those around me
All they do is bring
A feeling of pain that suffocates my heart
A sense of loneliness that slowly drives me insane
An insecurity that I'll never be happy
And that my useless tears won't stop
But when they dry,
As they always have,
I am reassured
That I do have feelings
That I'm not a heartless shell of a person
That I am truly, honestly, alive
:iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 3 6
Misty and Tracy by imaterribledrawer Misty and Tracy :iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 4 4 May by imaterribledrawer May :iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 1 1 Misty by imaterribledrawer Misty :iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 3 2 Dawn by imaterribledrawer Dawn :iconimaterribledrawer:imaterribledrawer 4 2


The Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood by Sasunarulover83 The Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood :iconsasunarulover83:Sasunarulover83 1 0 The Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood by Sasunarulover83 The Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood :iconsasunarulover83:Sasunarulover83 1 0
I stared at the mirror today
trying to remind myself
that I am a hyena.
Misunderstood, but
Hell - I’m lying
to you. To the world.
To myself.
I’m not even a
cicada -
At least they
have a voice
to scream.
& I wish
I could scream.
So loud the sound
breaks eardrums.
So loud
that all the voices
in my head
shut up.
- dearpoetry
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 51 16
Life is Strange by sandra9666 Life is Strange :iconsandra9666:sandra9666 6 4 Emerald (Steven Universe) by Sasunarulover83 Emerald (Steven Universe) :iconsasunarulover83:Sasunarulover83 2 0 Lepidolite (Steven Universe) by Sasunarulover83 Lepidolite (Steven Universe) :iconsasunarulover83:Sasunarulover83 2 0
Sing to Me. Finland x Reader
   Within the music room, only Madame M's voice can be heard. "NO! No, no, no; ladies," she went over to the piano and pressed one of its keys, "you're sounding flat, ladies!"
   The choir practices daily for their upcoming Spring Musical that was only days away. "Okay, Roderich, play. Everybody, make sure there are NO more mistakes." With a deep inhale, they began the harmonious intro of what they were singing earlier. 
   Madame M was tapping her foot to Roderich's rhythm, until someone coughed. "(Name)!" Surprised, (Name) looked like a deer in headlights. "Yes, Madame M?"
   "Did I not clearly say 'NO more mistakes?'"
   "But I just--"
   "No excuses!" Madame M tapped her hand against the piano--a sign that signifies their practice is over. 
   "Freaking old hag, freaking choir, freaking musical," muttering under her breath, (Name) angrily putting her music sheets away. A 'ping' came f
:iconempressoflibraria:empressoflibraria 80 37
Twice by Ristay Twice :iconristay:Ristay 54 14 1000 W0RDS by yuumei 1000 W0RDS :iconyuumei:yuumei 118,720 27,822 Tape it Back Together by yuumei Tape it Back Together :iconyuumei:yuumei 66,170 9,910 Rumination by yuumei Rumination :iconyuumei:yuumei 40,070 7,962
One Word
One word…
What would it be?
That one word…what would it mean? There are billions and billions of words and they can be similar in one way.
But one word as I would say, could mean anything to me.
One word can change a sentence forever. It can change a life, become inspiration, motivation, and become a part of someone.
One word.
Do you know what it could be?
Just give me one word and I’ll see an entire world you’ll never see.
Tell me “hate” and I’ll think of my past.
Tell me “celebration” and I’ll think of a festival filled with bright lights and dancing. Tell me “hope” and I’ll dream of the future I can never see.
One word.
What could it be? Would it change you? Make you grow inside? Fill you with emotions that you’ve never seen?
One word…
Oh whatever could it be…
:iconhappycandyx:Happycandyx 3 28
Romania X Reader: Must Be Magic
     He sincerely adored her. She was bewitching, almost magical, as far as Vladimir was concerned. He found her adorable; entranced by all the ways she marveled over him like he were an amazing attraction in a magnificent performance. Truth be told, he certainly was someone to muse.
     Strawberry blonde hair as silky as the majestic cloak he wore over his frame, and eyes that were not quite as red as rubies, but with a rosy glow she admired as all ladies would eventually upon catching his wonderful eyes in their glances. He tipped his chin up to her, kneeling upon the frozen earth on his knee, with a leather-bound book clutched in his steady hand as he spoke clearly in a poetic voice.
     Oh, he was something, clearly. A ladies man, perhaps? Or just a charming, young man with talent in something amazing when it came to impressing girls.
He gave a flick of his wrist, his coat sleeve soarin
:iconrefreak111:REFREAK111 105 44
Sticks and stones
Sticks and stones
Have you ever felt like no one was listening?
Like your only friend is the dark.
Masking your pain?
Easing you into a gentle sleep, as you cry yourself to oblivion.
As you scream and shout your pain and sorrow
Only to find no one cares.
No one cares about you
Your body
Your mind
Your blood
May break my bones
The pushes and shoves that leave your knees skinless
‘Oh, I’m sorry Mum, I fell over in the playground’
As you endlessly apologise to no one
For what have you done?
Apart from be you.
A bubble escapes.
One, two, three.
The weight is lifted, and you feel relieved, yet so disappointed at the same time.
But words
It’s not just children that are cruel.
And it is learned from a young age.
The pose, crafted from your own month
‘Better dead’
‘Just die’
All by a young child.
No more than eight.
Will never hurt me.
:iconemlindes:Emlindes 1 3
Beaker's Haiku
Me me me me me
Me me me me me me me
Me me me me me
Me me me me me
Me me me me me me me
Me me me me me
Me me me me me
Me me me me me me me
Me me me me me
:iconrookywriter:rookyWriter 3 2
Remember me (sufin)
Astrid- Nyo Sweden
Taika- Nyo Finland
Warning for dementia
Astrid walked as fast as her tired old legs could carry her, pushing the door to the kitchen open to find her wife of over 40 years staring miserably at the smashed cup of coffee on the floor. So that was what caused the crashing sound.
Taika Väinämöinen-Oxenstierna just cried silently, occasionally giving a loud sniff as tears streamed down her wrinkled face. Her once blonde bob of hair was now white and she was even shorter than she used to be, back and shoulders hunched due to the combined pressure of an ageing body and constant tiredness. Her skin was papery and covered in lines, hands now bony and shaking. Astrid still thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world.
She was getting worse, Astrid realised. She'd been ill for years now, and was slowly becoming more and more forgetful, and unable to function on a day to day basis. There were times where she could barely string a sentence together
:iconvaltiowillruleall:valtiowillruleall 8 2


And She Means Everything To Me
This is just an image I've had in my head for a while now, inspired by Dodie's wonderful song, She.

While I can comfortably say that my username is inaccurate, I'm not gonna change it at this point because I would need a core membership... eh. Not worth it. 

This took me about two and a half hours. I never realized how hard it is to draw a skirt that doesn't just look like a blanket. And feet? Feet are so hard. My search history is just different variants of "person on bench behind." 

Final comment: either it's a tall bench, or they're in elementary school. You decide why their feet don't lay flat.
I drew this in 2014 during a choir concert, I think... it started out as just a practice person until the guy next to me said, "oh, it's a dress! I didn't realize it was a girl" or something like that. So I decided to change it, because it wasn't going to be a dress... and then this happened. 

Three years later, this means something completely different to me. If you see this... stay strong, all right? I'm here for you.
and I'm finding all of the embarrassing things that used to hold my interest, so here's an entry to display on my main screen that isn't completely cringey.
and I'm finding all of the embarrassing things that used to hold my interest, so here's an entry to display on my main screen that isn't completely cringey.


but why
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Seriously though why


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